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The sustainable food foundation is here!

LEARNING and DOING for a better food system

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Increasing food sustainability in Hong Kong SAR, targeting the public and food-service industry


Leading the shift to sustainable diets for people and planet


To be an authoritative voice on sustainable diets, facilitating positive change in the food system through research, education and advocacy

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  1. The Sustainable Food Foundation is a recognised leader in food sustainability through the release of a consumer attitude survey by the end of 2024
  2. Develop a public campaign strategy and build a partner network by end 2024
  3. Launch the public campaign by end 2025

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Theory of Change

The Sustainable Food Foundation (the charitable arm of Future Green) will look to leveraging the technical expertise, network and

credibility of Future Green – and well-established approaches to food systems transformation such as the Omni Action Framework

- to establish itself as the leading voice on the full range of food sustainability issues in Hong

Kong. In the first couple of years it will focus on building brand recognition by conducting

and publishing research, and through public awareness campaigns. An underlying principle

for TSFF is that communications should always be fun, positive and engaging.


Who are we?

Advisory Board

Richard Ekkebus

Director of Culinary Operations and Food and Beverage, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Dr Winnie Law

Suzanne Storms

Deputy Director and Principal Lecturer at Centre for Civil Society and Governance

The University of Hong Kong

Assistant Professor/ Programme Leader

Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts and Management

Faculty of Management and Hospitality

Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)

Alistair Monument

Conservation Impact Director, Asia Pacific


Who are we?

Core Team

Heidi Yu Spurrell

Executive Director

Valentin Larose

Part-time Advocacy

Hanna Jepps

Part-time Research

Alka Datwani

Part-time Event

Martina Mok

Part-time Campaigner

We do campaign for sustainable diets through

Advocacy and Workshopping

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Find out what this means for you.

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early 2024

Reserve your slot and celebrate our launch with us!

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mid 2024

We will announce our first group of partners

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end of 2024

Project 1 kickoff

Sustainable Diets for

Corporates &


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Questions or Concerns?

Email Address

Registered Office

2310, Dominion Centre

43-59 Queen's Road East

Wanchai, Hong Kong

The Sustainable Food Foundation

Charity Number: 3133537

File Number: 91/18139

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